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Ethics & Jurisprudence for the Dental Practitioner
Dr. Frederick More; Carla Hogan, JD; Lance Plunkett, JD, LLM

This course on ethics and jurisprudence (3 MCE Lecture Credits)  is designed for the experienced practitioner. The focus
will be to apply the principles of ethics and elements of jurisprudence in a way that is highly applied to the practitioner.
The course will also act as a reinforcement for structure that supports the practice of dentistry and protection for the
welfare of the public. Those taking the Foundation's ethics course will also receive access to 5 free MCE lecture credits of
ethics case studies.
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Risk Management - 4 Lecture Credits
Sponsored by the New York State Dental Association

This course (4 MCE lecture credits) was developed according to New York State laws and regulations by dentists and
attorneys whose experience extends to the fields of malpractice insurance and risk management in the dental environment.
(Dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants would all benefit from the information in this course).
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