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lecture credit courses allows the course participant to email a question to an expert  pertaining to the course content.
Course Updates
“The future of dentistry is being
developed by today’s new dentists,
whose enthusiasm to serve and
passion for continued learning will
help ensure greater access to oral
health care, improved long term
public health outcomes, and
technological breakthroughs in
research and practice. The New York
State Dental Foundation recognizes
the importance of providing new
dentists with the tools they need in
order to succeed and flourish. The
courses in this “New Dentist Series”,
will do just that”.
Laura Leon,
Executive Director
New Series
New Dentist Continuing
Education Series
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Online Course Announcement
What do I Need to Know to Practice in NY?
Judith Shub, Ph.D.
This course is the first in a series of special programs developed by the Foundation to help new
dentists succeed in practice. The objective of the course is to present new practitioners with a
summary of the laws and regulations that govern the practice of dentistry in New York.
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Online Course Announcement
Oral Cancer: Detecting and Managing Oral Precancer and Cancer
(non-manadated oral cancer course)
Brian Schmidt, DDS, MD. PhD, FACS and A. Ross Kerr, DDS, MSD

This course covers the current epidemiology of oral cancer (including information related to HPV+
oropharyngeal cancers), the clinical features that are suggestive of oral cancer and potentially
malignant oral lesions, the indications for emerging adjunctive diagnostic techniques (imaging,
autofluorescence, toluidine blue staining, cytopathologic techniques, and HPV testing), and provide
the participants with an update on the management of patients diagnosed with epithelial dysplasia
and oral cancer.
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Online Course Announcement
Xerostomia: Diagnosis and Management in Dental Practice
Dr. Elvin Dincer, Salim Tayman, R.D.H.,M.P.A., Khalid Almas, B.D.S., M.Sc.

Xerostomia is a sensation of oral dryness. It is caused by many factors, among them, hypo/hyper
salivation. This course discussed the etiology, local and systemic factors related to dryness of the
mouth, its diagnosis, and management of the syndrome.
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In keeping with new revisions to ADA CERP standards, the New York State Dental Foundation has
formed a CE Advisory Committee to provide input on goals, objects and content of its continuing
education program. The members of the Committee, who are Dr. Madeline Ginzburg, Dr. Brian
Kennedy, Dr. Paul Leary, and Dr. Terrence Thines, will meet periodically throughout the  year. In
addition to advising the Foundation on CE, the Committee will periodically review providers’ CE
mission/goals, participate in periodic assessments of the effectiveness of the overall CE program,
and participate in conflict of interest screenings processes.